Beauty the Sleuth 19 Alexandra and Ariel

Beauty the Sleuth 19: Alexandra and Ariel

Cheering us in Loneliness




Ariel was verbally exhausted by explaining to strangers, teachers, and all the other people and or the strangers whom she had recently met, about both the correct pronunciation and spelling of her rather unique and special name. She had yelled at her mother recently saying, “Why did you and dad, bless me with such a label that no one claims to have ever heard of it, or said, or even comprehended? Your” blessing” has made a mess of my current social life!  It has also caused strife and is ruining my lifelong wish to date interesting men, become a true love baiter, (not a hater) and eventually become a real life wife! Why would you two choose to title me so cruelly that I can’t even find joy, and men choose to toy with my affections and question me about such a silly nomenclature choice that leads to overprotection, and my ultimate rejection of your outdated manipulation of the language. OHhhhhhhh!  I wish I could trade it in or give it to a friend (or better a mortal enemy!) I would like to see them shimmy through dates where they can’t relate or seriously even begin to

contemplate any future relationships, without cracking a whip to get the men under control and to  stop being so bold and outrageous. I think they believe they are my rulers and they most truly are not. I have found them to be (occasional) “sots” and mental robots, and they enter into nefarious plots just because of my ultimate claim to fame, this infamous and unfortunate Name !”

She then turned to her best friend, a lovely young lady named Alexandra who was better known as Alex. “You, my friend, only have to contend with those men who want to know why you have a man’s name! And that is bad enough stuff to deal with. But you simply have to tell them your full name and that quenches the pathetic flame which only engenders more outrage when it is attached to MY name, for I have no easy answer. I can’t provide a simple notation for their consideration! Lucky you and poor me, don’t all of you see? I am condemned before a single word is said. No one wants to date a woman who has to carry a concordance or thesaurus with her so all who line up  to meet her must look her name up for heaven’s sake. I might as well bake a chocolate cake and ask them to have a slice as they withdraw from my life and any consideration of dating a woman who cannot provide a cute ditty, or a yellow kitty or a simpler title, and thus they would need a fortune in money to be her honey and have some kind of reason to go out with a” low life”, no name, kind of lady!”(Like  me).

Then she burst into tears and dashed rapidly from the room. Alex followed her and gave her an encouraging hug, at which she simply shrugged. (She was still feeling “bugged” at this whole contradiction and wished she did not sound like fiction). She knew it all was real and a truly bad deal. After she stopped weeping, she apologized to all and asked Alex to come out in the hall. “I am so sorry, for I have convinced the group that I have no shame and thus I seriously doubt I have any clout or power with them at all. I just ran away from the fray, and now I am crying like my life is at an end. I really wanted them to be my friend, and I have messed it all up like some silly snob or person of no worth and now there is no way to convince them that I am not berserk or even a jerk. Will you take over and try to explain me into the “clover” rather than this blatant fog of disillusionment into which I have cast myself? I so hate being left out on a shelf. But I have made a bad situation worse, and I did not even need cash from my purse!” Then she stumbled into the bedroom and flung herself into her bed with a full array of covers thrown over her head. (Hiding) She was tired of being sad and alone and needed more people in her life. And she now felt she had stabbed a knife into her own possible new life. TEARS AND LONELY FEARS. Needs encouragement, Father God.

Alex took over and assured them she was not Rover or a badly filed folder, and that she was really an exceptional person after all. Also that being with her was truly a ball. The visitors were very sweet and thought her performance a great treat. They did not care if she had stumbled over her own feet. “I find her quite refreshing and an astonishing person to meet.” Alex told them to give her a minute and she would drag her back out. They thought that was a splendid idea,  since she was surely their peer and seemed to be a terrific “dear.” Eventually she was roused from her bed and they all shook her hand and patted her on the head. (Do you think they thought she was a dog? Rover?) Well all the beginning was behind them and the ending was still far away. They all went out for drinks and to see an astonishing play. (Grandma in the Sandbox)   by the writer Edward Albee. It was fun, they laughed until they were almost done in, and now they were  truly friends. They made plans to do more of the same, minus the crying and shame, and all ended well. (No one even ended up in jail!) So it was considered a win- win.  Now our time is at an end and my friends, I will soon return again. Hope you enjoyed this little prosity. I will write one soon and hope you will love the tune.

God loves us all no matter what name we find ourselves saddled with. He knows us all, and we are not as numerous as His heavenly stars, but He knows them all by name also. Praise His name.Amen and amen. Until we meet once


Damsels in Distress : Brook and Sage

God Willing and the Creeks Don’t Rise

Brook Alexander was paging through her daily planner and searching for the date her friend Sage and she had set in stone for their next adventure. They had chosen each other as mentors (and inventors of Healthy Mental aftercare) and staunch confidants, shortly after they both found themselves on their own after surviving marriages that surely (at this time) not win any  blue ribbons or prizes. The marital bless had been eclipsed buy the ladies who found Jesus and salvation, joy and worth. Apparently the men felt they had been knocked off their proverbial perches and were way too immature and egocentric to follow their wives’ lead. And their strong aversion to church and all the works (praise, worship, prayer and Bible reading, etc.) had meant the men eventually drew away.

Sage had called this progression, the out of the old and in with the new “unknowables,”  (read Jesus freaks) and in with the alchol, and drugs and trendy and subsequent geeks. Oh, how these former life-long mates were now involved in dangerous out of marriage dates. Outlooks matter and each had firmly decided that possibly the direction of their lives had collided and the “man train”had bumped them off track and never once looked back. Life is always racing onward at an astonishing pace, so one can feel that existence is merely a shadowy trace of what one believes and perceives. What is reality anyway? This is their dilemma and problerm, the sum of which might matter far more than the surrender to the so-called “mad hatter!”

In case the dissolution of their marriages created a loss that needed to be filled, the ladies had decided that they needed to vent or at least re-invent. They found no positivity in rehashing and fuming, so instead they began to lean even more firmly on church, meaning. kicking the men off their proverbial perches and becoming involved in more worthwhile activities. “This particular adventure was “dine out and see a new movie phenomenon.” I know it might sournd silly but they decided to call it “getting their groove on.” wow radical ladies (like the proverbial Sadie). They had been trashed and run through the mill and had determined to seek genuine, interesting adventure thrills with another friend who was in their kind of recent state. They pledged to do fun things with them, and to laugh again, even to sigh and cry again if the circumstances were dire. They decided to see a movie that was a heartbreaker. (for they believed their men were “foorsakers” and confidence breakers to boot.) So far, so good……..Tonight was an extention of that commitment to “mental health, which means more than simple wealth. That, after all, is a female conception, or that is what they believed. Are they deceived?
Sage Morgan was Brook’s friend and she had the same wish. She was similarly minded and they were ready to take on the town again this week and seek to discover “real” life, love or adventure even if it was on the silver screen rather than in real life, at this point in time. Their wounds were deep and the price was steep. They were in too far to consider dating, so they were creating memories of their own. They did not cut each other any slack, or hesitate to take a crack at golly gee, (Entertainment and Fun) wherever it led. They had even set some rules, (they were cool and kooky and in need of a major change were these fools. They stipulated that there would be no make bashing, or discussing of their flaws of their past—after all that did not pass the “smell test” It was also apparently not God-sent. So go forward not backward. They had decided to see American Sniper rather than a romantic comedy. It contained a large measure of daring, adventure, and proof. And they were ready for some telling of the truth. .

Now they were smart and decided not to pa y the Pied Piper by see a love story when they were in the depths of mental purgatory. (Smart ladies) and well done when the whole reason was to have some fun. They went all out and had a huge box of popcorn and giant sized drinks. “Me thinks they are truly depressed internally by their choice to blow their calories anew. But few can sit through a movie without treats in their seats! Yet they are in concert with one another that their men were the detested enemies of their sanity and confidence. (I even heard the word “losers” pop out of at least one mouth (or their relationships had gone far south (rather like the birds in winter). Little did they know that these “monsters” were actually awaiting them at the theater with roses and other posies and a strong request for forgiveness from the mess they had perhaps too haphazardly created. The ladies, of course, baited them, but decided they did not truly want to lose their lifelong loves.
God above teaches us to forgive and mend those things that are broken, especially when it is truly somewhat contrived (on both sides). I bet you can imagine the solution in this diatribe. They did the well known “kiss and make up scene.” (Can you picture it? Well all was soon well or on the mend at the very least and they remembered why they had always loved one another. (Just don’t let it become “smother.” (or the choosing of another).

The ancient platitude fits aptly here: The all lived happily forever ( until something else interferes with these mates and peers.) I hope you enjoyed this little prosity of mine and soon you will see another posted for your pleasure. I will take measure and find a compelling subject. Until then let’s just say as our Heavenly Father taught us, that we are to be good to one another, and to honor Him and that special person in your life be it husband, ladies or wife, gentlemen. See you soon. Amen and amen.




Beauty the Sleuth: 18 :Bountiful and Kaydena : The Cause of Disillusionment

Bountiful Adams, a career-long teacher, specialized in Developmental Writing, because all college students are required to write an essay and achieve a passing grade in order to register in any credit English class. “I can assure you that they, (the students) would generally prefer to go on a 30 day fast rather than to accept this challenge, or task. They tend to write quickly and sadly, and in many cases unacceptably and badly, thus failing, and immediately being forced to enroll in a class which will teach them how to achieve this satisfactory goal.” Many would then possibly meet the loquacious and compassionate Bountiful who accepts the task of teaching them all manner of essays so they will soon be qualified to get on with life in “Campus-land! (Or join a gaudy, loud, brass band—their choice.) They would then write and finally pass, (in most cases), and now can join the remainder of the students who now conquered this mission, and thus they will become someone elses’s laddies and lasses, depending on their sex. “Yes, her class (Ms. B’s) is usually a blast, and though not all would finish as winners, the vast majority would gain this goal, would still have an unblemished soul, and their bodies would still be uniquely whole. My friend, Ms. B. would see to that while wearing a hat, or not, depending on whether it was cold or hot.” Thus, stated her best and most loyal friend and compatriot, Kaydena. Now, dear reader, if you know college students well at all, and that particular undertaking is a challenge and (therefore the number is quite small) you know that writing “assignments” generally rock their minds, sink their proverbial “boats, and mess with their esteem. And I quote many researchers as proof. Outsiders can be merciless and often quite mean. (and their feeling are already in the tank –way too low to believe. ) These two friends, the teacher and the poet, are abundantly merciful and sweet as peaches and cream. I you know what I mean. Kaydena was born into a wealthy family, so she can afford to support her needs, (rent, food etc.) and thus does not have a “for pay” job. But Bountiful teaches several classes each semester and therefore her mind is as addled as a court jester’s. But she is full of fun, loves the ministry of puns, and actually adores teaching. (the more the merrier) she claims, but Kaydena states that she is an prime example of brain drain right after the first class. And she manages to do so with only a small amount of preaching. (Okay, you caught me I am “reaching!”) But it is really true that she loves teaching Read (control freak) and has never attempted to seek another line of work. (Someone has to like the occasional perks, like summer off for instance) if she can afford it) and then the two merry ladies of this piece like to take vacations, and just chill out for a week. Their summer motto is “Head for the sun and have some real fun!” I am told by a reliable source that they visit Florida and surf and swim and I think they pick up the occasional doting men. “He sends me, oh yes, he sends me,” I have heard them sing loudly from another room. But I digress, I fear, so I must get into gear. Now Ms. B is in total teaching mode, and her impersonations of her motley crew contains some true treasures of wit and “damn the torpedoes, we are coming through,” she incites them with her true blue instructor voice in high gear for “the troops are all here!” She reads some of the essays to Kaydena so she can share in the fun, and K. reads her latest efforts at poetry and prose and shares how many of her efforts are already in print (this is a God-sent). I would be hiding all the facts if I did not inform you that she sings and passes out snacks). Yes, they are effervescent, merry, convivial and literate to boot. And they have both added new hobbies, like shooting clay birds and having a hoot. Well, to be mercilessly truthful they also ride horses and dress up like cowboys and if that were not enough, they both cheer for the Dallas Cowboys and Kaydena even tried out for cheerleader a few years back. She did not get chosen but she claims to have met Tony Romo and Jerry Jones, and possibly even Dak (now who would throw him back?) Another important fact is that both of them are dyed in the wool Christians and they pray and attend church and are believers in tithing and the personal worth of each person. I personally think that makes them a” touch on the side of the angels”, and what could be wrong with that? They are very interested in being emotionally available to everyone they know, and they especially take note of anyone who is experiencing some form of disillusionment. They have willing ears and ample time to listen, (and really hear) and they encourage and pray for anyone who will sit still long enough. They have the right stuff and I am not talking astronauts here!. They will pray until the cows come home.(whatever that means). And they, and I as well, don’t live in the country so triple the time, friends of mine! Ms. B. told me personally that she had battled depression in the past and it was finding Jesus and accepting Him as her Savior, Shepherd and cornerstone of her life, which made her whole and vanquished strife. Kaydena once had a personal psychiatrist for about a year, so they both have backgrounds and stories to share, and they are loving, compassionate and fair. And I doubt I have ever known any two beauties who are as willing as they are to give of their time and to share. They CARE! They certainly did that “number” with me and “Golly gee, it was even free!” Last time I went to see the fearsome two-some, they were in rare form, as they probably are on just about any day. I can’t go over there unless I am properly prepared to laugh until I hurt. B. had on a dark blue Cowboy shirt and her pal had on a Raider’s jersey. I took one look, cried loudly, “Mercy me, I am in danger for sure; you two are wearing your armor, quick get me a ginger ale and I will pretend it is alcoholic!” I had struck the first blow and well, it was all downhill from there. What an amazing pair! I couldn’t have more wonderful and delightful friends, and whether I am fully well or on the mend, they are just so REAL. I could launch into a long diatribe, but I suspect you have already figured out how the praise finale goes, and I know you are willing to “go with the flow” since you are still reading, (unless you threw this in the trash a long time ago.) In which case I am talking to myself, But I trust you, oh, long suffering readers. I plead my case and raise you two. Oh pooh, you know what I mean. Speaking of Pooh, we three recently had a long discussion of who our favorite character is in “Winnie the Pooh,” and I picked Christopher Robin, which infuriated both damsels who were all in for Pooh or Eyore. They demanded to know how I could choose the blandest character alive? (even protested that I could lose my mind on my OWN time), and I loved the denunciation I received. I wasn’t even peeved. Well, I have probably kept you up past your bedtime, little munchkins, so I will sign off with just a mention that I will soon be back, Jack. Love and smacks from me for your time and soon I will probably post Damsels in Distress, which is my other installment. Did you find any rhymes? If so hope you enjoyed. See you in the funny papers. If you were feeling disillusioned, hope you are totally cured. God rules, bless His holy name. Amen and amen. And I hope to see you again soon.

Damsels in Distress 33:Be Vigilant in Guarding Your Hearts : Helena and Hope


Damsels in Distress 33: Helena and Hope

Be Vigilant in Guarding Your Hearts

         Helena put down her brush and saw her visage in the misted mirror and decided that it passed muster. “Good grief “(she said in her mind “I sound and look like I’m an ancient monolith who was on the battlefield with Custer!”) “Who,” she laughed,” mentions “muster” or Custer these days? And sadly the schools don’t teach history much anymore. It’s pretty much a closed door. So I watch Fox News and I love Jesse Watters when Bill O’Reilly dispatches him to all manner of locations and places,  and, of course,  since it is an all news station, (but  with some opinion -oriented segments and shows) that do also exist with the hard news:  these are not to be missed, especially when  he interviews people on the street.  They are hilarious and often indiscrete and often seem rather stupid,  and various persons  who are not very smart andd  ones he seems to meet seem seldom to know anything about the events  or why  he was sent to interview them. These “ignos” kind of people are the main ingredients of his show and they are making up the news! They must have fallen asleep in their classrooms and in their church pews!  Good gravy, Marie, they sound like they didn’t learn much of anything. It brings me to tears of both sadness and mirth that these children of today are so glued to their tablets and such that they have no room in their brains for important stuff. I can assure you that in my day, it definitely was very different. They wouldn’t know who George Washington was much less Custer! Would probably think he was talking about possibly mustard or some dessert like custard.  They wouldn’t have” cut the mustard” in my classes, I know that for sure. And lack of knowledge probably will lead them to the poor house! (I don’t know if there is a cure!!”)

                   Her thoughts ran on to mention that they seemed fazed and probably drunk or stoned (if not both.)  Either way, she concluded, they wouldn’t know much and as such how would they get a job? They were stoned and drunken sods! Then she decided she had spent enough time and energy on this mental discussion, or would it be synergy?  (Let me know.) Either way, enough of this stuff!  She heard the banging of pans in the other part of the house so she scurried there but not quite as quiet as a mouse. Oh well, we are all putting on weight these days. Need to exercise and possibly wear stays. Or at least stay out out of the kitchen and play outside and put a lock on the local fridge! Perhaps have to cross a bridge to get there ( and make the bridge a mile away, so it is not so easy to snack, Jack.

           As she passed the mirror in the dining room she checked her hair once more and firmly declared that come what may, she was going out to have some fun and adult-type play this very day. No  more kitchen snooping. She went through the door to the garage and got in her car. Her favorite sparring partner and her best friend, Hope, and she were going out to lunch. They were a duo quite a bit these days. Their divorces had left them both lean and mean. They had fought the “monsters” in their lives tooth and nail. Furthermore, they were proud of their refusal to simply “bail.” They stuck it out although there were some periods of “”shouts.” and threats of guns before it was all over and now they were free and in the clover!

                   They were excellent examples of what the press labeled “strong women,” yet some might call them somewhat “snarky” because they did not put up with the  manner of “mularkey” many people sent their way. Helena knew in her heart that if they were weak, they would be thrown to the sharks. ( a thought deep and dark.)   They were college educated, A rated, and on a scale of 1-10 they were never  rated lower than an 8. They believed their personal resolve kept them “willing to negotiate.” But stand back, they believed in the opportunity to express their resolve. And many times they were the ones who solved life’s problems on their own and they did not possess a “throne.” Yet they had succeeded on their own.

                    Hope was ravishingly beautiful both inside and out and believe me the men were not above giving her a “shout out.” Helena had a personality without match and was willing to take on any little problem or enjoy any whim. Some rude dudes in a club downtown had found themselves on the outside when they attempted a “take-down.” (they were “snakes”, and gave her the shakes. )Yet these ladies  were even lovely when they frowned. Their wits were sharp as nails and they never told ugly tales. Razor-sharp wit could knock out a “dim” wit. They were also physically fit and trim and since their divorces, they were “heavy weight” champs who had persevered and never lost their heavenly Jesus crowns. Oh yes, prayer got them through a “slew” of things. A favorite phrase was “bet you a star, clown. “Yes. they were close to the Lord and followed Him in all things, even when they sang, which was not necessarily Heaven-sent but Jesus knew what they meant. He had gotten them out of many tight places and they responded with their smiling faces. He took them many places and protected them while in any ‘lion dens.” Once Helena had been particularly fierce and bet them a kiss. But the dude did not stay around to claim it, he ran like a mouse not a man. Oh it is a dying thing to be more than a one night fling, but they did not indulge in such frivolous things. (alone a lot, my yes, that had been their most recent, not indecent PLOT!!!!!)
Men, they decided, did not deserve their presence or a place in their lives. Generally they were the causes of frowns and “bringer downs.” They often suggested that they ride off toward the sunset,( being lower on the ladder than their personal pets.) Though Helena was a renowned pianist, she seldom played. And since the divorce, she had almost sold her Steinway, but had not been able to see that through. She had  worked long and hard to learn how to play and he,  dear Frank, was found astray, and now he did not deserve the time of day. Near the genius range, she could do those crossword puzzles in ink and that meant her brain was not “rinky -dink.” She was also a runner of marathons, quite the elite.  And she could spin on a dime, and give you change and a receipt.

                   They had decided they were better off alone, and that did not mean they could not be “in the zone.” They found fun, shot guns and won awards. And those talents meant they had no reason to fear if a felon was near……..the aforesaid was in more danger than they were. Good shooters and no room for looters. “Be afraid, be very afraid.” Women could be trusted in many arenas and these two, Helena and Hope, could be found daily in prayer and had turned their lives over to Jesus and prayed daily and read the Word, also. They knew where they were bound for eternity and that was better than anything they might have to face in life here and now. So, do not cry for them, rather sing a hymn, for they will be with Father God when they depart this world of earth and sod. It would be a smart lesson to any who read this to follow their example. Listen to the choir and sing God’s praise for all your days. Life here is temporary and Heaven is forever………………Thus ends this saga of Helena and Hope but they will return if you wish to follow their adventures. And there is another series called Beauty the Sleuth and it will be the next entry. See you then, my friends. Amen and amen. And y’all come back now.

Beauty the Sleuth 17: Mirage and Merrilee: Dwell on These Things


Beauty the Sleuth 17: Mirage and Merrilee

Dwell on These Things


Mirage finished her makeup and brushed her long lustrous ebony hair. She stared at her image and remembered what her grandmother Pam had made sure she would never forget. “”Your name, Mirage, is special because it is a desert name and the people who live in the desert and the sand dunes sometimes see a false image of water, an oasis. As the weather steams into hotter and hotter and they grew thirstier and thirstier, their eyes play tricks with their minds, and they think they are seeing that precious sustenance that will quench their thirst and leave this desire behind.  It draws them onward in search of a mirage that is not truly there. It eventually subsides when they reach that spot and “poof,” it is gone and there is only more sand. That memory is branded in the mind and is perpetual for all of time.

So your name is one of hope, although it is somewhat a false manner of hope in one way for it is deceptive. Be sure that you are credible and true and happy and scarcely ever “blue.” And you need to be real and earnest and steal peoples’ hearts with your beauty, the loveliness of your face, and the melodious sound of your voice. Then they will make the correct choice, which is to love and appreciate you for the wonder that Father God created you to be. No one can tear His love asunder. See that you live up to that standard of wonder. You are like a gorgeous banner proclaiming Jesus and His free gift of salvation. Do not disappoint Him, (although He never actually really gets disappointed in us ) , so instead share what He has done for you and for each of  us with His death, resurrection and the incredible declaration  and participation seen in His death that allows us to accept Him and receive eternal life with Him in heaven.”

People who search for fool’s gold are always disappointed when they discover that they have found nothing but a fake. Her grandmother wanted her to realize that she is just who she represented herself to be, and that “self” loves Father God and does all in her power to present Him as real, not a mirage. “God is never a false promise. But we have to accept His free gift. I,  her friend, Merrilee, find it strange that it is difficult for people to accept a free gift. They often in fact almost always think it is some kind of trick. Because it is free, they are uncertain and feel unsure.  They often believe it some garbage from a slick huckster. I think we all have the tendency to believe we have to earn things. But you can’t buy salvation. And our nation is a haven for believers. Yet there is a deceiver, Satan, who always does all he and his minions most love to do.  They want us to buy a false narrative. (Go off the reservation so to speak.) Do not serve false gods  when the real one is open and available for all who accept Him and His free gift. We make true fools of ourselves when we chase idols of any kind. I love my friend Mirage, and she knows we have to dwell on the lovely things in life, and find beauty and hope and security.

Relish the freedom we have and present the truth to the unknowing and the ones who distort the road to salvation. We, Mirage and I, Merrilee,  are proof that He exists, and we spend as much time in His Word, the Bible, as is possible on a daily basis and learn  each time more about Him. This is not a whim, it is a promise. I get teased about my name also. It sounds so carefree and not a name of great  lineage or degree. Sometimes I wish I had a name that commanded respect, but on the other hand, I represent the other side of the coin, We find joy and peace and compassion and hope and love  when we choose Jesus and His revelation. I am so happy to know my final destination. We will eventually be called Home to spend eternity with our Father and when we die we are going to the beautiful city which God has created for those who choose Him and serve Him,  Don’t be stubborn and lose it.  I have to go meet Mirage now, but we have quite the story for you so keep reading.”

Mirage had already gotten her chores done when Merrilee arrived, so they were going out for lunch together. Both ladies did their chores with diligence so they could feel that they were helping out at home. It is necessary to do well at the “home zone,”They loved to ramble and scramble, but first they had to do those things they were assigned to do. They obeyed their families rules just as they obeyed Father God to the best of their understanding.  Neither of these offerings was difficult or demanding. They prayed for others and read His word, and shared with others what He had done for them. Obedience is maturity. It is taking things seriously when given a change to do something special for the King of the universe. It is rather like “ taking part of a sow and making it into a purse,”  It is being the best student one can be which means obedience to the teacher. Discipline may at times seem difficult, but it teaches everyone that you are a serious and confident person. You can be trusted because you do what you say. Yes, they did certainly also play as well as pray. They did “party hearty” sometimes, but they also knew the boundaries. They did not step over the line in the sand. They represented God’s brand. And that way leads to obedience and honor. Some doubters drive their carts in the wrong direction and when that is not redressed punishment comes for abandoning one’s duty. They were “cuties” but they were also ladies with a calling.

They had fun in the sun and danced and romanced and took dares and chances but not the ones that would lead to that strange word that we have discussed: disobedience. They had actually been at the end of that reel before, and they did not want to be there anymore. “Oh my,” they cried, “Jesus died for me and I could not even do the right thing that I was entrusted to do by mom. I talked back to her and oh boy she brought down doom. I was not allowed to go to the Prom. It was “the bomb” so I hear, but I was not there. I was sitting in a chair in my room and I was solo. No friend, no fun, and it is not a choice I will make again. It is a sin. I hope you don’t have to learn the wrong way yourself. Mom and dad will put you on a short chain and you will vow never to do that (whatever you did) again. No pain; no gain. Wow, that is a bummer, and a downer. Merrilee and I (Mirage) have learned the hard way. Take our advice. ‘Be nice, be courteous and timely and for heaven’s sake don’t lie. My bottom hurt for a week after that debacle. Never again. You can’t win, can you Merrilee?”

“You are so right my friend, That gag we thought would be so funny turned out to be overcast and cloudy not sunny. I think we really learned something valuable there though. Sometimes you learn by your mistakes. But give us a break. We did not have any fun for a week. I felt like a geek. I couldn’t go anywhere and I am very miserable when I am forced to be alone. No friend like you to invite home. I think we both learned from that mistake, Don’t you?”

“I do indeed. I was ready to plead. I was so bored and I decided to obey every day and not to try to play tricks that can possibly “explode” when parents are the butt of the joke and they don’t think it was funny. I even lost money—no allowance that week. ‘Eek. That was so very, very bleak.”  These two young women had been friends all their lives. When they were parted, they felt deserted and hurt. Well, not always, but when it was an intentional “cease fire.” They loved their families and they held them in high regard. They respected their elders and believed they had rules for good reasons that they had probably learned for themselves.  And they also did not like being “put on a shelf. They were a wealth of good ideas, and advice and since they were parents, there was no price for their wisdom. And they always made sure their decisions were valid and true and time tested. They worked very hard to set good examples by their own lives and decisions. And they never used derision or made the girls feel unloved when decisions were passed out. And their moms and dads did not shout. They spoke honestly and fairly and never “impariedly.”(new word!”) They neitherdrank too much or smoked. They knew and shared some fabulous jokes (although the girls occasionally found them a little “hokey.”) And they thought their moms and dads should learn some new dances  (shall we say, “out of date?”)

There were life lessons they quite often shared.  No loving parent desires their children to have to learn things the hard way. (that old canard “do as I say, not as I do” come to mind. And stay ahead of the curve, and observe and observe, and observe,,,,,,,,,,Yes, love is wonderful and fanciful and sweet and nice. But they were also taught that mistakes have a price. (I sometimes consider asking them to be my parents, but that never goes very far. (I , the writer, have had some issues but this is not my story so this is not the time to share any of mine.) Trust me and don’t whine. You can be sure that it will all come out in the wash at some point. I try had to please and not disappoint.

Well, these are the days of wine and roses, and if you have not seen the movie, you should.  These ladies were happy and sappy and in love and out of love………But they took all these things to their Heavenly Father above. That is how they were brought up and how they grew. Learning all things new and choosing to seldom feel “blue”  “Joel is wonderful,” Mirage stated, He is the guy she was constantly dating (that week.) And Merrilee was primping for a fellow named James and said, “He is all the rage!” But check with them next week and consider  of whom they speak then……Dances and corsages, and proms and graduation and celebration. Yes, these were mystical and magical and unforgettable. Scarcely were they regrettable. They did, indeed, dwell on the good things as the Bible encourages us all to do. I am not sure there is a better clue to a happy life. Tell all to Father God and your road will be smoother and the bumps will mostly disappear. Tell everyone you love about God’s love and how He has been your Guide for all your life and brought you cheer. Dwell on the beautiful, the lovely, the fair,  the nice. All that makes your heart beat faster and defeats disaster,,,,,,,,Dwell on the precious words in His book and keep it in a safe place, and read it and follow it and look at how your life will be richer and less difficult as a result. Dwell on these things……

Thus ends this saga, and God is in charge, and soon He will reveal to me what is the next presentation.  Hopefully, you will approve and that will  raise my fame and adulation. Amen and amen.


Damsels in Distress :Ariana and Jenna

Damsels in Distress 32: Ariana and Jenna

Worry Not about Possessions



Ariana  De Moran was a sexy, lovely brunette stunner who was not only excessively gorgeous but was also “crazy” rich (as the new slogans go, although I am not sure why crazy anything is a stirring attribute.) But one must go with the flow or  be immediately out of date, and in a hapless state. At least it has been true for me. But I am not a major player, rather I am the teller of the story,  and just the” morning glory,” so moving on, and refusing to yield to the ether zone, I am here to discuss two beautiful women who, one who was  ultra rich and the other a commoner, so to speak. But stranger friends have been the saviors of the world telling of Jesus and His love and pointing up to Heaven in extra -ordinary love. They claim that people can be healed in Jesus’ name, and they have supported the claim. But these young ladies of different levels of social grace both believe that this is true. They are not both “multitudinessly” rich, for that title describes only the one young lady who is the daughter of an Argentinian  millionaire. He is the one who is the very dictionary meaning of a wealthy collector (of a harem of beautiful women who he marries, and  then with whom he finds fault, and when that happens, he is never satisfied. He then moves on to another and another………like one who would be defined as a  noted gigolo  and thus the family’s mix is made more difficult than the sorting out of a large spilled box of multi- colored pick up sticks with a bandanna over  one’s eyes. (If you can do that you are rare, and I can’t even say “no fair,”) I must give a rare applause for that feat. But please don’t do it on concrete!

Ariana  is very close friends with Jenna, who because of the extended family plot, is more like an older lady or  mother type, but don’t listen to the hype that she is not herself a fabulous beauty queen. For the word which labels  her  is the “teacher” and is correct to a fault, and she  is exactly that, but she is just as lovely as all the women in this story. Her beauty is renowned. She shines and the very sun shines brighter, and when she frowns the clouds turn darker gray, and these remarkable thingss give her a measure of power.  She is like an April shower. For being the closest person to the most beautiful Ariana, allows her to also have the ear of all the residents of the land through her proximity to the lovely beauty. Thus she has a large amount of sway, and favors she can give away. She is also valuable in yet another realm for her prestige  and ability to whisper in the lady’s ear; for she has quite a large measure of sway with Ariana. T(hat means she has the inside straight with  the lady whose “father” is always out to ”play.” (Can you imagine how much Ariana appreciates Jenna who loves her and takes the place of honor when Daddy dearest is out wooing? And of course undoing of all Jenna has done.  She helps Ariana to learn proper attitudes and the changes in the world beyond that are worth doing in  their little corner of the land which actually lies in Jenna’s hand. If she is the purveyor of the truth, then she has power to amend the ever changing trends of Lizard’s Gulch. (Yes, I know the name is shocking to you, but nonetheless it is valid and true, although if it were my town I would sue!)

Ariana’s father has not completely cast her to the winds, for on occasion he drops by to say “Hi,” before he jets off again. Just when Ariana is on the mend, here he is pulling her off the studious- laden path and into the weeds again, and I would lie if I did not tell you that situations like that bring out Jenna’s wrath. Only Jenna can manage to help her friend find her way in the world; and then dad drops by and (my oh my) off the grid she once again flies.  (It is so sad to see the poor little rich girl  try so hard to gain the love of the scoundrel of a dad who lands his jet on the runway pad and leads her off to “la la land” again. Well, this is the eternal circuit that gets run and run again. (and,  when oh when, will she see the truth about him?) Then she’d be on the mend.

He raises her allowance and brings some jewels of great beauty and renown and she believes in him yet again.. Then Jenna is required to teach her once again that possessions do not a person make.  (He is a very selfish man and she would be better off if he is gone,  permanently) But what can a poor little teacher do? Should she leave and allow him to destroy Ariana? Should she give her friend a clue? Would that get her fired or sued? No one knows, and sadly it is only Jenna who cares and shares and takes the time to teach her to learn  how to beware. I think we all know that beauty is fleeting and she should know he will not change, so she must grow without him there and gain  the knowledge of the truth.. She should simply become regal and of high regard, and leave to him a broken shard. He has for her absolutely no measure of a  good father’s love, His love is transient and never true. He sees a beauty and resorts to form. He throws her a kiss and gives her a hug  and then off goes the father who is the essence of a lug or a quite un-useful “drug,”

He should be banned, is the claim of Jenna the good, and she knows the things her charge needs to learn, but he damages all the quality that she has performed when he reappears and it all comes undone. (He should be shunned and I  wish I could forbid him to come, but I have no power thus to move, so things continue in this melodrama of a life.)  Beauty, wit, humor and truth: all these things are what we need to think about.  And sing and shout. Dwell on these things God tells us in His Word. If she will  follow this decree, then Ariana will be safe and sound and her life will be to lead her people well and learn how to rule with honor and pride, and daddy dearest can just sit somewhere in a mon- nastery cell!  (He is so bad at “kiss and tell.”)

How I wish I could make her deaf so all is not lost when daddy comes home and once again she is formally “obliged “to let him have his way, and then he is off again in just a day  leading us back  to One plus One is Two. Ariana cries herself to sleep and I think she is simply too weak to shake it off and follow God.  He is the Healer and worker of miracles .  It is He Who is truth and light and good. He teaches us all what works to do and how to worship and be true. If she would simply compare the two, she would know that Jesus is the One who is “truly” true.  He commands us to think on good things, lovely things, kindness and sweetness and beauty, and hope and to always  forswear strife. I pray these things for her before she becomes a wife.  I hope she will teach these critical truths to her children when they arrive because , forsooth, I feel so at a loss. I seem to often “goof.” I would show the bum the back of my hand. I would tell  him to grow up and learn the meaning of” ruler” He is conqueror in  chief (of womanizing, that is!) What a thief!

I have to leave her now that many years have passed,  I and wish her well, for I have dedicated so much of my life to this process.   Yet in the end, Dad or the devil will  stir up strife. I swore on the Bible, and I inscribed in hers to dwell not on what possessions one has accrued, but dwell instead on the Word of God. Pray for His love and His forgiveness and His strength. Now it is time for my help to end. But I will continue to pray for her every day of my life, and I hope she finds happiness and casts out strife and sin.  I need to find my own life now. Only leaving her is perhaps the breaking of a precious vow. But the time has come to let her make her way and find peace and joy every day. So this is the lesson I leave to all of you. Follow God, learn His truths, live your life purely and in truth. And cast out evil when it comes your way and you can do that if you continually pray. And remember that possessions are not what pleases God.

Thus ends the journey of this lovely girl and her craven father and my friend Jenna’s ongoing fight for what is good and what is right. Soon there will be another “prosity” for you to read, and since they are based on the precious Word of God, I hope you are blessed. For man is but sod. Amen and amen.



Beauty the Sleuth:16 Talia and Lara

Beauty the Sleuth: 16 : Talia and Lara

A  World Lost in Sin


Talia Sutherland slipped on a sapphire green ball gown, stylish, but truthfully it practically yelled out her name. She was beautiful, and she had no need for shame. She was comfortable in whatever world she found herself, and what she was wearing would never be the definer of who she was. Let’s take a brief pause. She was rich beyond measure, but it was her job that most gave her pleasure.  Her own personal dream was to be the ultra best detective who ever lived. And her very best friend since childhood was her assistant and aide Lara. They were a team and Lara was not a wealthy lady, but then she did not desire that for herself. She was a wonderful person, lovely as her boss, but not full of  the flair that Talia emoted. She was quieter and more demure, and she was innocent and ultimately pure. She was devoted to her friend and that meant her job was to be by her side come what may. She took pride that she could be of help, and she claimed that she did the “grunt work, ” But in truth, she did whatever was necessary and helpful, never acted the jerk,  nor did  she require a large number of perks, and they did not have to hunt for jobs to do.  Ever notice how much crime surrounds you? They assisted the police with the criminal interviews and often even the “take down.” Once, they joked, “We never wake up knowing what the next day will hold.” They were brave and bold and not very old. But age is not the arbiter of truth, they were in this job to do the best that they could do and come home with the proof. And to no one’s surprise they were occasionally even the first responders! (and could do a” take-down” that would make the police proud.)

What can I say, they rule the day and also the night if the moon is bright. They got calls daily and had to screen them in order to finish one assignment before they were needed to move on to another one. What kind of jobs did they do, I am sure you wonder. And far be it from me to leave you in limbo. like someone’s cast off “bimbo”. They did it all, and found it a ball, for doing what one loves is most people’s all in all. I hope you are doing what you love to do, for that is the greatest pleasure you will find in this life. Except being a wonderful and loving husband or wife. It becomes a measure of one’s worth. And believe these ladies when they comment that they really don’t do it only for the money.

Talia did not need it but Lara did  it to survive, but her choice in ant case  was to be by her best friend’s side. They also took pride into account, and finishing a particularly difficult assignment paid the rent, and but it was a gift they believed was “heaven sent.” They were strong Christians and they praised God daily and often, and credited Him with many “amens” and He was always there for them in all matters. in the beginnings and  the ends. (Talia joked that her friend , Lara was just like the Mad Hatter, in  Alice Through the Looking Glass, which most of us read or had read to us when children. It is a classic children’s favorite, and here it was with silly Lara who was popping up and down and dashing all around and often  there were tunes when ther bad guys were a flight risk, and occasionally she ended up in a ditch with  mud on her clothing and a smile on her lovely face and a big smile on her face.

Her boss would be loath to endure that experience, (Miss Priss, Primp, and  Prim,) But that was not Lara’s view of success. “So”,  she would say, “ once again I am a mess. Do you have a change of apparel with you, boss?” And Talia would say “Of course, silly goose, you know I have to, with you on the loose!”) And they would laugh as they did often  long and  heartily. Partly because of something they had done, and sometimes because of what the so- called villain/or villains had done. (“Have you ever noticed that the bad guys are quite often dumb?” ) No slur meant, all you criminals out there! No time for a libel suit! And don’t think you are exceedingly cute! They were probably very full of themselves! Clods, my friends! Sometimes you get lemons and other times you get limes and both are tasty and plenty fine.

All the host of people who knew these two loved them deep and long, and very, very strong. You know how it is when you get on really well with someone? Well, that is how they were all the time. Come rain or shine. They were so full of life and down on crime. I count them my true friends, these ladies who so beauteously shine. No task too hard, no night too long, and they ended them all with a smile and a song. I bet you would want to know them, in fact I am sure, because they are the “top of the crop, and incredibly neat, improbably sweet and love to tweet. (Birds are their best friends). And they too want to add their ‘amens” Who is the Lion of Judah and Prince of Peace, Whose love has no end and ‘Whose arms are open very unlike the Great Satan. But I don’t wish to advertise for him. He does not deserve any credit, for all the blame  for the ills of the world fall on him and his minions. Well, ho time flies when one is having a good time! I know I have enjoyed this and hope you have too. You have gained a small picture of these precocious young ladies who have been the main menu today. And they and others will return soon to help you fill your day. I wish you as Dale Evans and Roy Rogers said, Happy trails to you  until we meet again and if you are too young to know who they are ask your parents or look it up on the internet. See you soon in just a few moons. Praise God from whom all blessings flow and may He flood your life with only those things that are lovely, beautiful, uplifting, spiritual, kind, and good. And you know you need to act nice and be good. Amen and amen.. (These things are how we fight a World in Sin. Fill your heart and mind with these and you will sleep well, work well, play well and stay clear of the demon from h….!