Beauty the Sleuth:16 Talia and Lara

Beauty the Sleuth: 16 : Talia and Lara

A  World Lost in Sin


Talia Sutherland slipped on a sapphire green ball gown, stylish, but truthfully it practically yelled out her name. She was beautiful, and she had no need for shame. She was comfortable in whatever world she found herself, and what she was wearing would never be the definer of who she was. Let’s take a brief pause. She was rich beyond measure, but it was her job that most gave her pleasure.  Her own personal dream was to be the ultra best detective who ever lived. And her very best friend since childhood was her assistant and aide Lara. They were a team and Lara was not a wealthy lady, but then she did not desire that for herself. She was a wonderful person, lovely as her boss, but not full of  the flair that Talia emoted. She was quieter and more demure, and she was innocent and ultimately pure. She was devoted to her friend and that meant her job was to be by her side come what may. She took pride that she could be of help, and she claimed that she did the “grunt work, ” But in truth, she did whatever was necessary and helpful, never acted the jerk,  nor did  she require a large number of perks, and they did not have to hunt for jobs to do.  Ever notice how much crime surrounds you? They assisted the police with the criminal interviews and often even the “take down.” Once, they joked, “We never wake up knowing what the next day will hold.” They were brave and bold and not very old. But age is not the arbiter of truth, they were in this job to do the best that they could do and come home with the proof. And to no one’s surprise they were occasionally even the first responders! (and could do a” take-down” that would make the police proud.)

What can I say, they rule the day and also the night if the moon is bright. They got calls daily and had to screen them in order to finish one assignment before they were needed to move on to another one. What kind of jobs did they do, I am sure you wonder. And far be it from me to leave you in limbo. like someone’s cast off “bimbo”. They did it all, and found it a ball, for doing what one loves is most people’s all in all. I hope you are doing what you love to do, for that is the greatest pleasure you will find in this life. Except being a wonderful and loving husband or wife. It becomes a measure of one’s worth. And believe these ladies when they comment that they really don’t do it only for the money.

Talia did not need it but Lara did  it to survive, but her choice in ant case  was to be by her best friend’s side. They also took pride into account, and finishing a particularly difficult assignment paid the rent, and but it was a gift they believed was “heaven sent.” They were strong Christians and they praised God daily and often, and credited Him with many “amens” and He was always there for them in all matters. in the beginnings and  the ends. (Talia joked that her friend , Lara was just like the Mad Hatter, in  Alice Through the Looking Glass, which most of us read or had read to us when children. It is a classic children’s favorite, and here it was with silly Lara who was popping up and down and dashing all around and often  there were tunes when ther bad guys were a flight risk, and occasionally she ended up in a ditch with  mud on her clothing and a smile on her lovely face and a big smile on her face.

Her boss would be loath to endure that experience, (Miss Priss, Primp, and  Prim,) But that was not Lara’s view of success. “So”,  she would say, “ once again I am a mess. Do you have a change of apparel with you, boss?” And Talia would say “Of course, silly goose, you know I have to, with you on the loose!”) And they would laugh as they did often  long and  heartily. Partly because of something they had done, and sometimes because of what the so- called villain/or villains had done. (“Have you ever noticed that the bad guys are quite often dumb?” ) No slur meant, all you criminals out there! No time for a libel suit! And don’t think you are exceedingly cute! They were probably very full of themselves! Clods, my friends! Sometimes you get lemons and other times you get limes and both are tasty and plenty fine.

All the host of people who knew these two loved them deep and long, and very, very strong. You know how it is when you get on really well with someone? Well, that is how they were all the time. Come rain or shine. They were so full of life and down on crime. I count them my true friends, these ladies who so beauteously shine. No task too hard, no night too long, and they ended them all with a smile and a song. I bet you would want to know them, in fact I am sure, because they are the “top of the crop, and incredibly neat, improbably sweet and love to tweet. (Birds are their best friends). And they too want to add their ‘amens” Who is the Lion of Judah and Prince of Peace, Whose love has no end and ‘Whose arms are open very unlike the Great Satan. But I don’t wish to advertise for him. He does not deserve any credit, for all the blame  for the ills of the world fall on him and his minions. Well, ho time flies when one is having a good time! I know I have enjoyed this and hope you have too. You have gained a small picture of these precocious young ladies who have been the main menu today. And they and others will return soon to help you fill your day. I wish you as Dale Evans and Roy Rogers said, Happy trails to you  until we meet again and if you are too young to know who they are ask your parents or look it up on the internet. See you soon in just a few moons. Praise God from whom all blessings flow and may He flood your life with only those things that are lovely, beautiful, uplifting, spiritual, kind, and good. And you know you need to act nice and be good. Amen and amen.. (These things are how we fight a World in Sin. Fill your heart and mind with these and you will sleep well, work well, play well and stay clear of the demon from h….!



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