Damsels in Distress :Ariana and Jenna

Damsels in Distress 32: Ariana and Jenna

Worry Not about Possessions



Ariana  De Moran was a sexy, lovely brunette stunner who was not only excessively gorgeous but was also “crazy” rich (as the new slogans go, although I am not sure why crazy anything is a stirring attribute.) But one must go with the flow or  be immediately out of date, and in a hapless state. At least it has been true for me. But I am not a major player, rather I am the teller of the story,  and just the” morning glory,” so moving on, and refusing to yield to the ether zone, I am here to discuss two beautiful women who, one who was  ultra rich and the other a commoner, so to speak. But stranger friends have been the saviors of the world telling of Jesus and His love and pointing up to Heaven in extra -ordinary love. They claim that people can be healed in Jesus’ name, and they have supported the claim. But these young ladies of different levels of social grace both believe that this is true. They are not both “multitudinessly” rich, for that title describes only the one young lady who is the daughter of an Argentinian  millionaire. He is the one who is the very dictionary meaning of a wealthy collector (of a harem of beautiful women who he marries, and  then with whom he finds fault, and when that happens, he is never satisfied. He then moves on to another and another………like one who would be defined as a  noted gigolo  and thus the family’s mix is made more difficult than the sorting out of a large spilled box of multi- colored pick up sticks with a bandanna over  one’s eyes. (If you can do that you are rare, and I can’t even say “no fair,”) I must give a rare applause for that feat. But please don’t do it on concrete!

Ariana  is very close friends with Jenna, who because of the extended family plot, is more like an older lady or  mother type, but don’t listen to the hype that she is not herself a fabulous beauty queen. For the word which labels  her  is the “teacher” and is correct to a fault, and she  is exactly that, but she is just as lovely as all the women in this story. Her beauty is renowned. She shines and the very sun shines brighter, and when she frowns the clouds turn darker gray, and these remarkable thingss give her a measure of power.  She is like an April shower. For being the closest person to the most beautiful Ariana, allows her to also have the ear of all the residents of the land through her proximity to the lovely beauty. Thus she has a large amount of sway, and favors she can give away. She is also valuable in yet another realm for her prestige  and ability to whisper in the lady’s ear; for she has quite a large measure of sway with Ariana. T(hat means she has the inside straight with  the lady whose “father” is always out to ”play.” (Can you imagine how much Ariana appreciates Jenna who loves her and takes the place of honor when Daddy dearest is out wooing? And of course undoing of all Jenna has done.  She helps Ariana to learn proper attitudes and the changes in the world beyond that are worth doing in  their little corner of the land which actually lies in Jenna’s hand. If she is the purveyor of the truth, then she has power to amend the ever changing trends of Lizard’s Gulch. (Yes, I know the name is shocking to you, but nonetheless it is valid and true, although if it were my town I would sue!)

Ariana’s father has not completely cast her to the winds, for on occasion he drops by to say “Hi,” before he jets off again. Just when Ariana is on the mend, here he is pulling her off the studious- laden path and into the weeds again, and I would lie if I did not tell you that situations like that bring out Jenna’s wrath. Only Jenna can manage to help her friend find her way in the world; and then dad drops by and (my oh my) off the grid she once again flies.  (It is so sad to see the poor little rich girl  try so hard to gain the love of the scoundrel of a dad who lands his jet on the runway pad and leads her off to “la la land” again. Well, this is the eternal circuit that gets run and run again. (and,  when oh when, will she see the truth about him?) Then she’d be on the mend.

He raises her allowance and brings some jewels of great beauty and renown and she believes in him yet again.. Then Jenna is required to teach her once again that possessions do not a person make.  (He is a very selfish man and she would be better off if he is gone,  permanently) But what can a poor little teacher do? Should she leave and allow him to destroy Ariana? Should she give her friend a clue? Would that get her fired or sued? No one knows, and sadly it is only Jenna who cares and shares and takes the time to teach her to learn  how to beware. I think we all know that beauty is fleeting and she should know he will not change, so she must grow without him there and gain  the knowledge of the truth.. She should simply become regal and of high regard, and leave to him a broken shard. He has for her absolutely no measure of a  good father’s love, His love is transient and never true. He sees a beauty and resorts to form. He throws her a kiss and gives her a hug  and then off goes the father who is the essence of a lug or a quite un-useful “drug,”

He should be banned, is the claim of Jenna the good, and she knows the things her charge needs to learn, but he damages all the quality that she has performed when he reappears and it all comes undone. (He should be shunned and I  wish I could forbid him to come, but I have no power thus to move, so things continue in this melodrama of a life.)  Beauty, wit, humor and truth: all these things are what we need to think about.  And sing and shout. Dwell on these things God tells us in His Word. If she will  follow this decree, then Ariana will be safe and sound and her life will be to lead her people well and learn how to rule with honor and pride, and daddy dearest can just sit somewhere in a mon- nastery cell!  (He is so bad at “kiss and tell.”)

How I wish I could make her deaf so all is not lost when daddy comes home and once again she is formally “obliged “to let him have his way, and then he is off again in just a day  leading us back  to One plus One is Two. Ariana cries herself to sleep and I think she is simply too weak to shake it off and follow God.  He is the Healer and worker of miracles .  It is He Who is truth and light and good. He teaches us all what works to do and how to worship and be true. If she would simply compare the two, she would know that Jesus is the One who is “truly” true.  He commands us to think on good things, lovely things, kindness and sweetness and beauty, and hope and to always  forswear strife. I pray these things for her before she becomes a wife.  I hope she will teach these critical truths to her children when they arrive because , forsooth, I feel so at a loss. I seem to often “goof.” I would show the bum the back of my hand. I would tell  him to grow up and learn the meaning of” ruler” He is conqueror in  chief (of womanizing, that is!) What a thief!

I have to leave her now that many years have passed,  I and wish her well, for I have dedicated so much of my life to this process.   Yet in the end, Dad or the devil will  stir up strife. I swore on the Bible, and I inscribed in hers to dwell not on what possessions one has accrued, but dwell instead on the Word of God. Pray for His love and His forgiveness and His strength. Now it is time for my help to end. But I will continue to pray for her every day of my life, and I hope she finds happiness and casts out strife and sin.  I need to find my own life now. Only leaving her is perhaps the breaking of a precious vow. But the time has come to let her make her way and find peace and joy every day. So this is the lesson I leave to all of you. Follow God, learn His truths, live your life purely and in truth. And cast out evil when it comes your way and you can do that if you continually pray. And remember that possessions are not what pleases God.

Thus ends the journey of this lovely girl and her craven father and my friend Jenna’s ongoing fight for what is good and what is right. Soon there will be another “prosity” for you to read, and since they are based on the precious Word of God, I hope you are blessed. For man is but sod. Amen and amen.




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