Beauty the Sleuth 17: Mirage and Merrilee: Dwell on These Things


Beauty the Sleuth 17: Mirage and Merrilee

Dwell on These Things


Mirage finished her makeup and brushed her long lustrous ebony hair. She stared at her image and remembered what her grandmother Pam had made sure she would never forget. “”Your name, Mirage, is special because it is a desert name and the people who live in the desert and the sand dunes sometimes see a false image of water, an oasis. As the weather steams into hotter and hotter and they grew thirstier and thirstier, their eyes play tricks with their minds, and they think they are seeing that precious sustenance that will quench their thirst and leave this desire behind.  It draws them onward in search of a mirage that is not truly there. It eventually subsides when they reach that spot and “poof,” it is gone and there is only more sand. That memory is branded in the mind and is perpetual for all of time.

So your name is one of hope, although it is somewhat a false manner of hope in one way for it is deceptive. Be sure that you are credible and true and happy and scarcely ever “blue.” And you need to be real and earnest and steal peoples’ hearts with your beauty, the loveliness of your face, and the melodious sound of your voice. Then they will make the correct choice, which is to love and appreciate you for the wonder that Father God created you to be. No one can tear His love asunder. See that you live up to that standard of wonder. You are like a gorgeous banner proclaiming Jesus and His free gift of salvation. Do not disappoint Him, (although He never actually really gets disappointed in us ) , so instead share what He has done for you and for each of  us with His death, resurrection and the incredible declaration  and participation seen in His death that allows us to accept Him and receive eternal life with Him in heaven.”

People who search for fool’s gold are always disappointed when they discover that they have found nothing but a fake. Her grandmother wanted her to realize that she is just who she represented herself to be, and that “self” loves Father God and does all in her power to present Him as real, not a mirage. “God is never a false promise. But we have to accept His free gift. I,  her friend, Merrilee, find it strange that it is difficult for people to accept a free gift. They often in fact almost always think it is some kind of trick. Because it is free, they are uncertain and feel unsure.  They often believe it some garbage from a slick huckster. I think we all have the tendency to believe we have to earn things. But you can’t buy salvation. And our nation is a haven for believers. Yet there is a deceiver, Satan, who always does all he and his minions most love to do.  They want us to buy a false narrative. (Go off the reservation so to speak.) Do not serve false gods  when the real one is open and available for all who accept Him and His free gift. We make true fools of ourselves when we chase idols of any kind. I love my friend Mirage, and she knows we have to dwell on the lovely things in life, and find beauty and hope and security.

Relish the freedom we have and present the truth to the unknowing and the ones who distort the road to salvation. We, Mirage and I, Merrilee,  are proof that He exists, and we spend as much time in His Word, the Bible, as is possible on a daily basis and learn  each time more about Him. This is not a whim, it is a promise. I get teased about my name also. It sounds so carefree and not a name of great  lineage or degree. Sometimes I wish I had a name that commanded respect, but on the other hand, I represent the other side of the coin, We find joy and peace and compassion and hope and love  when we choose Jesus and His revelation. I am so happy to know my final destination. We will eventually be called Home to spend eternity with our Father and when we die we are going to the beautiful city which God has created for those who choose Him and serve Him,  Don’t be stubborn and lose it.  I have to go meet Mirage now, but we have quite the story for you so keep reading.”

Mirage had already gotten her chores done when Merrilee arrived, so they were going out for lunch together. Both ladies did their chores with diligence so they could feel that they were helping out at home. It is necessary to do well at the “home zone,”They loved to ramble and scramble, but first they had to do those things they were assigned to do. They obeyed their families rules just as they obeyed Father God to the best of their understanding.  Neither of these offerings was difficult or demanding. They prayed for others and read His word, and shared with others what He had done for them. Obedience is maturity. It is taking things seriously when given a change to do something special for the King of the universe. It is rather like “ taking part of a sow and making it into a purse,”  It is being the best student one can be which means obedience to the teacher. Discipline may at times seem difficult, but it teaches everyone that you are a serious and confident person. You can be trusted because you do what you say. Yes, they did certainly also play as well as pray. They did “party hearty” sometimes, but they also knew the boundaries. They did not step over the line in the sand. They represented God’s brand. And that way leads to obedience and honor. Some doubters drive their carts in the wrong direction and when that is not redressed punishment comes for abandoning one’s duty. They were “cuties” but they were also ladies with a calling.

They had fun in the sun and danced and romanced and took dares and chances but not the ones that would lead to that strange word that we have discussed: disobedience. They had actually been at the end of that reel before, and they did not want to be there anymore. “Oh my,” they cried, “Jesus died for me and I could not even do the right thing that I was entrusted to do by mom. I talked back to her and oh boy she brought down doom. I was not allowed to go to the Prom. It was “the bomb” so I hear, but I was not there. I was sitting in a chair in my room and I was solo. No friend, no fun, and it is not a choice I will make again. It is a sin. I hope you don’t have to learn the wrong way yourself. Mom and dad will put you on a short chain and you will vow never to do that (whatever you did) again. No pain; no gain. Wow, that is a bummer, and a downer. Merrilee and I (Mirage) have learned the hard way. Take our advice. ‘Be nice, be courteous and timely and for heaven’s sake don’t lie. My bottom hurt for a week after that debacle. Never again. You can’t win, can you Merrilee?”

“You are so right my friend, That gag we thought would be so funny turned out to be overcast and cloudy not sunny. I think we really learned something valuable there though. Sometimes you learn by your mistakes. But give us a break. We did not have any fun for a week. I felt like a geek. I couldn’t go anywhere and I am very miserable when I am forced to be alone. No friend like you to invite home. I think we both learned from that mistake, Don’t you?”

“I do indeed. I was ready to plead. I was so bored and I decided to obey every day and not to try to play tricks that can possibly “explode” when parents are the butt of the joke and they don’t think it was funny. I even lost money—no allowance that week. ‘Eek. That was so very, very bleak.”  These two young women had been friends all their lives. When they were parted, they felt deserted and hurt. Well, not always, but when it was an intentional “cease fire.” They loved their families and they held them in high regard. They respected their elders and believed they had rules for good reasons that they had probably learned for themselves.  And they also did not like being “put on a shelf. They were a wealth of good ideas, and advice and since they were parents, there was no price for their wisdom. And they always made sure their decisions were valid and true and time tested. They worked very hard to set good examples by their own lives and decisions. And they never used derision or made the girls feel unloved when decisions were passed out. And their moms and dads did not shout. They spoke honestly and fairly and never “impariedly.”(new word!”) They neitherdrank too much or smoked. They knew and shared some fabulous jokes (although the girls occasionally found them a little “hokey.”) And they thought their moms and dads should learn some new dances  (shall we say, “out of date?”)

There were life lessons they quite often shared.  No loving parent desires their children to have to learn things the hard way. (that old canard “do as I say, not as I do” come to mind. And stay ahead of the curve, and observe and observe, and observe,,,,,,,,,,Yes, love is wonderful and fanciful and sweet and nice. But they were also taught that mistakes have a price. (I sometimes consider asking them to be my parents, but that never goes very far. (I , the writer, have had some issues but this is not my story so this is not the time to share any of mine.) Trust me and don’t whine. You can be sure that it will all come out in the wash at some point. I try had to please and not disappoint.

Well, these are the days of wine and roses, and if you have not seen the movie, you should.  These ladies were happy and sappy and in love and out of love………But they took all these things to their Heavenly Father above. That is how they were brought up and how they grew. Learning all things new and choosing to seldom feel “blue”  “Joel is wonderful,” Mirage stated, He is the guy she was constantly dating (that week.) And Merrilee was primping for a fellow named James and said, “He is all the rage!” But check with them next week and consider  of whom they speak then……Dances and corsages, and proms and graduation and celebration. Yes, these were mystical and magical and unforgettable. Scarcely were they regrettable. They did, indeed, dwell on the good things as the Bible encourages us all to do. I am not sure there is a better clue to a happy life. Tell all to Father God and your road will be smoother and the bumps will mostly disappear. Tell everyone you love about God’s love and how He has been your Guide for all your life and brought you cheer. Dwell on the beautiful, the lovely, the fair,  the nice. All that makes your heart beat faster and defeats disaster,,,,,,,,Dwell on the precious words in His book and keep it in a safe place, and read it and follow it and look at how your life will be richer and less difficult as a result. Dwell on these things……

Thus ends this saga, and God is in charge, and soon He will reveal to me what is the next presentation.  Hopefully, you will approve and that will  raise my fame and adulation. Amen and amen.



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