Damsels in Distress 33:Be Vigilant in Guarding Your Hearts : Helena and Hope


Damsels in Distress 33: Helena and Hope

Be Vigilant in Guarding Your Hearts

         Helena put down her brush and saw her visage in the misted mirror and decided that it passed muster. “Good grief “(she said in her mind “I sound and look like I’m an ancient monolith who was on the battlefield with Custer!”) “Who,” she laughed,” mentions “muster” or Custer these days? And sadly the schools don’t teach history much anymore. It’s pretty much a closed door. So I watch Fox News and I love Jesse Watters when Bill O’Reilly dispatches him to all manner of locations and places,  and, of course,  since it is an all news station, (but  with some opinion -oriented segments and shows) that do also exist with the hard news:  these are not to be missed, especially when  he interviews people on the street.  They are hilarious and often indiscrete and often seem rather stupid,  and various persons  who are not very smart andd  ones he seems to meet seem seldom to know anything about the events  or why  he was sent to interview them. These “ignos” kind of people are the main ingredients of his show and they are making up the news! They must have fallen asleep in their classrooms and in their church pews!  Good gravy, Marie, they sound like they didn’t learn much of anything. It brings me to tears of both sadness and mirth that these children of today are so glued to their tablets and such that they have no room in their brains for important stuff. I can assure you that in my day, it definitely was very different. They wouldn’t know who George Washington was much less Custer! Would probably think he was talking about possibly mustard or some dessert like custard.  They wouldn’t have” cut the mustard” in my classes, I know that for sure. And lack of knowledge probably will lead them to the poor house! (I don’t know if there is a cure!!”)

                   Her thoughts ran on to mention that they seemed fazed and probably drunk or stoned (if not both.)  Either way, she concluded, they wouldn’t know much and as such how would they get a job? They were stoned and drunken sods! Then she decided she had spent enough time and energy on this mental discussion, or would it be synergy?  (Let me know.) Either way, enough of this stuff!  She heard the banging of pans in the other part of the house so she scurried there but not quite as quiet as a mouse. Oh well, we are all putting on weight these days. Need to exercise and possibly wear stays. Or at least stay out out of the kitchen and play outside and put a lock on the local fridge! Perhaps have to cross a bridge to get there ( and make the bridge a mile away, so it is not so easy to snack, Jack.

           As she passed the mirror in the dining room she checked her hair once more and firmly declared that come what may, she was going out to have some fun and adult-type play this very day. No  more kitchen snooping. She went through the door to the garage and got in her car. Her favorite sparring partner and her best friend, Hope, and she were going out to lunch. They were a duo quite a bit these days. Their divorces had left them both lean and mean. They had fought the “monsters” in their lives tooth and nail. Furthermore, they were proud of their refusal to simply “bail.” They stuck it out although there were some periods of “”shouts.” and threats of guns before it was all over and now they were free and in the clover!

                   They were excellent examples of what the press labeled “strong women,” yet some might call them somewhat “snarky” because they did not put up with the  manner of “mularkey” many people sent their way. Helena knew in her heart that if they were weak, they would be thrown to the sharks. ( a thought deep and dark.)   They were college educated, A rated, and on a scale of 1-10 they were never  rated lower than an 8. They believed their personal resolve kept them “willing to negotiate.” But stand back, they believed in the opportunity to express their resolve. And many times they were the ones who solved life’s problems on their own and they did not possess a “throne.” Yet they had succeeded on their own.

                    Hope was ravishingly beautiful both inside and out and believe me the men were not above giving her a “shout out.” Helena had a personality without match and was willing to take on any little problem or enjoy any whim. Some rude dudes in a club downtown had found themselves on the outside when they attempted a “take-down.” (they were “snakes”, and gave her the shakes. )Yet these ladies  were even lovely when they frowned. Their wits were sharp as nails and they never told ugly tales. Razor-sharp wit could knock out a “dim” wit. They were also physically fit and trim and since their divorces, they were “heavy weight” champs who had persevered and never lost their heavenly Jesus crowns. Oh yes, prayer got them through a “slew” of things. A favorite phrase was “bet you a star, clown. “Yes. they were close to the Lord and followed Him in all things, even when they sang, which was not necessarily Heaven-sent but Jesus knew what they meant. He had gotten them out of many tight places and they responded with their smiling faces. He took them many places and protected them while in any ‘lion dens.” Once Helena had been particularly fierce and bet them a kiss. But the dude did not stay around to claim it, he ran like a mouse not a man. Oh it is a dying thing to be more than a one night fling, but they did not indulge in such frivolous things. (alone a lot, my yes, that had been their most recent, not indecent PLOT!!!!!)
Men, they decided, did not deserve their presence or a place in their lives. Generally they were the causes of frowns and “bringer downs.” They often suggested that they ride off toward the sunset,( being lower on the ladder than their personal pets.) Though Helena was a renowned pianist, she seldom played. And since the divorce, she had almost sold her Steinway, but had not been able to see that through. She had  worked long and hard to learn how to play and he,  dear Frank, was found astray, and now he did not deserve the time of day. Near the genius range, she could do those crossword puzzles in ink and that meant her brain was not “rinky -dink.” She was also a runner of marathons, quite the elite.  And she could spin on a dime, and give you change and a receipt.

                   They had decided they were better off alone, and that did not mean they could not be “in the zone.” They found fun, shot guns and won awards. And those talents meant they had no reason to fear if a felon was near……..the aforesaid was in more danger than they were. Good shooters and no room for looters. “Be afraid, be very afraid.” Women could be trusted in many arenas and these two, Helena and Hope, could be found daily in prayer and had turned their lives over to Jesus and prayed daily and read the Word, also. They knew where they were bound for eternity and that was better than anything they might have to face in life here and now. So, do not cry for them, rather sing a hymn, for they will be with Father God when they depart this world of earth and sod. It would be a smart lesson to any who read this to follow their example. Listen to the choir and sing God’s praise for all your days. Life here is temporary and Heaven is forever………………Thus ends this saga of Helena and Hope but they will return if you wish to follow their adventures. And there is another series called Beauty the Sleuth and it will be the next entry. See you then, my friends. Amen and amen. And y’all come back now.


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