Beauty the Sleuth: 18 :Bountiful and Kaydena : The Cause of Disillusionment

Bountiful Adams, a career-long teacher, specialized in Developmental Writing, because all college students are required to write an essay and achieve a passing grade in order to register in any credit English class. “I can assure you that they, (the students) would generally prefer to go on a 30 day fast rather than to accept this challenge, or task. They tend to write quickly and sadly, and in many cases unacceptably and badly, thus failing, and immediately being forced to enroll in a class which will teach them how to achieve this satisfactory goal.” Many would then possibly meet the loquacious and compassionate Bountiful who accepts the task of teaching them all manner of essays so they will soon be qualified to get on with life in “Campus-land! (Or join a gaudy, loud, brass band—their choice.) They would then write and finally pass, (in most cases), and now can join the remainder of the students who now conquered this mission, and thus they will become someone elses’s laddies and lasses, depending on their sex. “Yes, her class (Ms. B’s) is usually a blast, and though not all would finish as winners, the vast majority would gain this goal, would still have an unblemished soul, and their bodies would still be uniquely whole. My friend, Ms. B. would see to that while wearing a hat, or not, depending on whether it was cold or hot.” Thus, stated her best and most loyal friend and compatriot, Kaydena. Now, dear reader, if you know college students well at all, and that particular undertaking is a challenge and (therefore the number is quite small) you know that writing “assignments” generally rock their minds, sink their proverbial “boats, and mess with their esteem. And I quote many researchers as proof. Outsiders can be merciless and often quite mean. (and their feeling are already in the tank –way too low to believe. ) These two friends, the teacher and the poet, are abundantly merciful and sweet as peaches and cream. I you know what I mean. Kaydena was born into a wealthy family, so she can afford to support her needs, (rent, food etc.) and thus does not have a “for pay” job. But Bountiful teaches several classes each semester and therefore her mind is as addled as a court jester’s. But she is full of fun, loves the ministry of puns, and actually adores teaching. (the more the merrier) she claims, but Kaydena states that she is an prime example of brain drain right after the first class. And she manages to do so with only a small amount of preaching. (Okay, you caught me I am “reaching!”) But it is really true that she loves teaching Read (control freak) and has never attempted to seek another line of work. (Someone has to like the occasional perks, like summer off for instance) if she can afford it) and then the two merry ladies of this piece like to take vacations, and just chill out for a week. Their summer motto is “Head for the sun and have some real fun!” I am told by a reliable source that they visit Florida and surf and swim and I think they pick up the occasional doting men. “He sends me, oh yes, he sends me,” I have heard them sing loudly from another room. But I digress, I fear, so I must get into gear. Now Ms. B is in total teaching mode, and her impersonations of her motley crew contains some true treasures of wit and “damn the torpedoes, we are coming through,” she incites them with her true blue instructor voice in high gear for “the troops are all here!” She reads some of the essays to Kaydena so she can share in the fun, and K. reads her latest efforts at poetry and prose and shares how many of her efforts are already in print (this is a God-sent). I would be hiding all the facts if I did not inform you that she sings and passes out snacks). Yes, they are effervescent, merry, convivial and literate to boot. And they have both added new hobbies, like shooting clay birds and having a hoot. Well, to be mercilessly truthful they also ride horses and dress up like cowboys and if that were not enough, they both cheer for the Dallas Cowboys and Kaydena even tried out for cheerleader a few years back. She did not get chosen but she claims to have met Tony Romo and Jerry Jones, and possibly even Dak (now who would throw him back?) Another important fact is that both of them are dyed in the wool Christians and they pray and attend church and are believers in tithing and the personal worth of each person. I personally think that makes them a” touch on the side of the angels”, and what could be wrong with that? They are very interested in being emotionally available to everyone they know, and they especially take note of anyone who is experiencing some form of disillusionment. They have willing ears and ample time to listen, (and really hear) and they encourage and pray for anyone who will sit still long enough. They have the right stuff and I am not talking astronauts here!. They will pray until the cows come home.(whatever that means). And they, and I as well, don’t live in the country so triple the time, friends of mine! Ms. B. told me personally that she had battled depression in the past and it was finding Jesus and accepting Him as her Savior, Shepherd and cornerstone of her life, which made her whole and vanquished strife. Kaydena once had a personal psychiatrist for about a year, so they both have backgrounds and stories to share, and they are loving, compassionate and fair. And I doubt I have ever known any two beauties who are as willing as they are to give of their time and to share. They CARE! They certainly did that “number” with me and “Golly gee, it was even free!” Last time I went to see the fearsome two-some, they were in rare form, as they probably are on just about any day. I can’t go over there unless I am properly prepared to laugh until I hurt. B. had on a dark blue Cowboy shirt and her pal had on a Raider’s jersey. I took one look, cried loudly, “Mercy me, I am in danger for sure; you two are wearing your armor, quick get me a ginger ale and I will pretend it is alcoholic!” I had struck the first blow and well, it was all downhill from there. What an amazing pair! I couldn’t have more wonderful and delightful friends, and whether I am fully well or on the mend, they are just so REAL. I could launch into a long diatribe, but I suspect you have already figured out how the praise finale goes, and I know you are willing to “go with the flow” since you are still reading, (unless you threw this in the trash a long time ago.) In which case I am talking to myself, But I trust you, oh, long suffering readers. I plead my case and raise you two. Oh pooh, you know what I mean. Speaking of Pooh, we three recently had a long discussion of who our favorite character is in “Winnie the Pooh,” and I picked Christopher Robin, which infuriated both damsels who were all in for Pooh or Eyore. They demanded to know how I could choose the blandest character alive? (even protested that I could lose my mind on my OWN time), and I loved the denunciation I received. I wasn’t even peeved. Well, I have probably kept you up past your bedtime, little munchkins, so I will sign off with just a mention that I will soon be back, Jack. Love and smacks from me for your time and soon I will probably post Damsels in Distress, which is my other installment. Did you find any rhymes? If so hope you enjoyed. See you in the funny papers. If you were feeling disillusioned, hope you are totally cured. God rules, bless His holy name. Amen and amen. And I hope to see you again soon.


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