Damsels in Distress : Brook and Sage

God Willing and the Creeks Don’t Rise

Brook Alexander was paging through her daily planner and searching for the date her friend Sage and she had set in stone for their next adventure. They had chosen each other as mentors (and inventors of Healthy Mental aftercare) and staunch confidants, shortly after they both found themselves on their own after surviving marriages that surely (at this time) not win any  blue ribbons or prizes. The marital bless had been eclipsed buy the ladies who found Jesus and salvation, joy and worth. Apparently the men felt they had been knocked off their proverbial perches and were way too immature and egocentric to follow their wives’ lead. And their strong aversion to church and all the works (praise, worship, prayer and Bible reading, etc.) had meant the men eventually drew away.

Sage had called this progression, the out of the old and in with the new “unknowables,”  (read Jesus freaks) and in with the alchol, and drugs and trendy and subsequent geeks. Oh, how these former life-long mates were now involved in dangerous out of marriage dates. Outlooks matter and each had firmly decided that possibly the direction of their lives had collided and the “man train”had bumped them off track and never once looked back. Life is always racing onward at an astonishing pace, so one can feel that existence is merely a shadowy trace of what one believes and perceives. What is reality anyway? This is their dilemma and problerm, the sum of which might matter far more than the surrender to the so-called “mad hatter!”

In case the dissolution of their marriages created a loss that needed to be filled, the ladies had decided that they needed to vent or at least re-invent. They found no positivity in rehashing and fuming, so instead they began to lean even more firmly on church, meaning. kicking the men off their proverbial perches and becoming involved in more worthwhile activities. “This particular adventure was “dine out and see a new movie phenomenon.” I know it might sournd silly but they decided to call it “getting their groove on.” wow radical ladies (like the proverbial Sadie). They had been trashed and run through the mill and had determined to seek genuine, interesting adventure thrills with another friend who was in their kind of recent state. They pledged to do fun things with them, and to laugh again, even to sigh and cry again if the circumstances were dire. They decided to see a movie that was a heartbreaker. (for they believed their men were “foorsakers” and confidence breakers to boot.) So far, so good……..Tonight was an extention of that commitment to “mental health, which means more than simple wealth. That, after all, is a female conception, or that is what they believed. Are they deceived?
Sage Morgan was Brook’s friend and she had the same wish. She was similarly minded and they were ready to take on the town again this week and seek to discover “real” life, love or adventure even if it was on the silver screen rather than in real life, at this point in time. Their wounds were deep and the price was steep. They were in too far to consider dating, so they were creating memories of their own. They did not cut each other any slack, or hesitate to take a crack at golly gee, (Entertainment and Fun) wherever it led. They had even set some rules, (they were cool and kooky and in need of a major change were these fools. They stipulated that there would be no make bashing, or discussing of their flaws of their past—after all that did not pass the “smell test” It was also apparently not God-sent. So go forward not backward. They had decided to see American Sniper rather than a romantic comedy. It contained a large measure of daring, adventure, and proof. And they were ready for some telling of the truth. .

Now they were smart and decided not to pa y the Pied Piper by see a love story when they were in the depths of mental purgatory. (Smart ladies) and well done when the whole reason was to have some fun. They went all out and had a huge box of popcorn and giant sized drinks. “Me thinks they are truly depressed internally by their choice to blow their calories anew. But few can sit through a movie without treats in their seats! Yet they are in concert with one another that their men were the detested enemies of their sanity and confidence. (I even heard the word “losers” pop out of at least one mouth (or their relationships had gone far south (rather like the birds in winter). Little did they know that these “monsters” were actually awaiting them at the theater with roses and other posies and a strong request for forgiveness from the mess they had perhaps too haphazardly created. The ladies, of course, baited them, but decided they did not truly want to lose their lifelong loves.
God above teaches us to forgive and mend those things that are broken, especially when it is truly somewhat contrived (on both sides). I bet you can imagine the solution in this diatribe. They did the well known “kiss and make up scene.” (Can you picture it? Well all was soon well or on the mend at the very least and they remembered why they had always loved one another. (Just don’t let it become “smother.” (or the choosing of another).

The ancient platitude fits aptly here: The all lived happily forever ( until something else interferes with these mates and peers.) I hope you enjoyed this little prosity of mine and soon you will see another posted for your pleasure. I will take measure and find a compelling subject. Until then let’s just say as our Heavenly Father taught us, that we are to be good to one another, and to honor Him and that special person in your life be it husband, ladies or wife, gentlemen. See you soon. Amen and amen.





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